frame [frām]
framed, framing [ME framen < frame, a structure, frame, prob. < ON frami, profit, benefit, akin to frama, to further < fram, forward (akin to OE fram, FROM); some senses < OE framian, to be helpful: see FURNISH]
1. to shape, fashion, or form, usually according to a pattern; design [to frame a constitution]
2. to put together the parts of; construct
3. to put into words; compose; devise; contrive; conceive [to frame an excuse]
4. to utter [his lips framed the words]
5. to adapt for a particular use; adjust; fit [a law framed to equalize the tax burden]
6. to enclose in a border; provide a border for (a mirror, picture, etc.)
7. to photograph or film (objects or activity) within the limits of the FRAME (n. 13b)
8. Informal to falsify evidence, testimony, etc. beforehand in order to make (an innocent person) appear guilty
9. Obs. to bring about; cause
Obs. to proceed or succeed; go
[ME: see FRAME the vt.]
a) Archaic anything made of parts fitted together according to a design
b) body structure in general; build
2. basic or skeletal structure around which a thing is built and that gives the thing its shape; framework, as of a house
a) the skeletal framework supporting the chassis of some automotive vehicles
c) the case or border into which a window, door, etc. is set and which serves as a structural support
d) a border, often ornamental, surrounding a picture, etc.; also, the picture or other matter inside such a border
e) [pl.] the framing of a pair of eyeglasses; rims
4. any of various machines built on or in a framework
5. the way that anything is constructed or put together; organization; form
6. a set of circumstances that serve as background to an event
7. condition; state [a bad frame of mind]
8. an established order or system
9. Baseball Informal an inning
10. Informal the act of framing an innocent person: see FRAME (vt. 8)
11. Bowling etc. any of the ten divisions of a game, in each of which the pins are set up anew
12. Linguis. a syntactic construction with a blank left in it for testing which words will occur there
13. Film
a) each of the small exposures composing a strip of film
b) the rectangular image on a film screen, or the particular objects or activity focused on by the camera
14. Pool
a) RACK1
b) the period of play required to pocket all the balls
15. Shipbuilding any of the transverse strengthening members of a ship's hull that extend from the gunwale to the keel
16. TV a single scanning of the field of vision by the electron beam
☆ having a wooden framework, usually covered with boards [a frame house]

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